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"Hey did you see me?" Those are the words that all of his closest friends would hear every week at the track. Our friend James loves the sport of motocross and began racing in 1996. He started racing as a beginner and dedicated himself to becoming a better rider and racer. He quickly moved through the ranks from beginner, then novice, next was intermediate and now for the last 2 years raced the expert/pro class. He became well liked by everyone in the pits and every track he rode people would say, "hey Chillin Hillin is here, That guy was beginner only a few years ago and he races in the pro class now."

Many times people would run over to the freestyle jump at three palms to watch him hit the mammoth gap. Only a handful of riders would even attempt the huge jump but Hillin would do it over and over and do look-overs at the gathering crowd. He would also point and wave to them while airborne, before landing the 100 ft. kicker jump. James and I would both do the jump together, side by side and look at eachother in flight and yell out loud "Yee Ha!". Usually I would go to the side to watch him finish "his show". One day a lady said "look at that kid jump! That kid has some talent!" Little did she know that Chillin Hillin was no kid but was nearly 30 years of age and a proud new father.

On October 26, 2003, James ‘Chillin’ Hillins’ life was changed forever. He was racing the dealers challenge at three palms and was a sponsored rider for Wild West Honda. Hillin had been racing very well that day and was looking forward to his last race of the day in the +30 expert/pro class. The gate dropped and as usual ‘Chillin’ Hillin grabbed a handful of throttle, most likely for the last time of his life. Three turns later ‘Chillin’ Hillin layed motionless on the track after a tremendous accident over the enormous freeway triple. As our friend layed on the ground his only concern was for his family. He said to the paramedics "I can’t be paralyzed.", "I have a new Son.". James Hillin broke T-5, T-6 and T-7 and severed his spinal cord, yet all that came to his mind at that time was his family. That is just the way that ‘Chillin’ Hillin is as a person.

If anyone ever needed help at the track, with anything: setting sag, fixing a broken part, changing a tube, getting their bike started or just advice on going faster or clearing that scary jump, Hillin was the man to see. He just always seemed to help everyone else first and then rested, or drank his luke warm water only after everyone else around was ok.

The week before the accident, James was competing in the Garrett Berg memorial race at Splendora TX. The race was a benefit for Garrett who had been killed in a motocross accident less than two years before at that very track. Garrett’s dad was racing in honor of his fallen son. When the gate dropped, Chillin’ Hillin’ took another Holeshot over 25 other riders and stayed in first place the entire moto, but on the last lap he suddenly stopped his bike before the triple where Garrett Berg had been killed and sat there. Everyone else in the race followed Hillin’s lead and stopped behind him. Moments later Garrett’s father came by to take the checkered flag in first place. Lot’s of tears flowed at that moment but it was no surprise to see Chillin Hillin give the glory to who deserved it at that moment.

There are many stories about James Chillin Hillin that I could tell and lots of other people have stories as well, and in time we hope to share them all.

Now, we simply pray for him and his family as he enters what his good friend Jason said, "is the biggest race of his life, on the roughest track there is." But we know that Chillin Hillin will keep his big smile and grab a handful and make it to the checkered flag, of life. "Did you see him?" (Ain’t it)

"To those who love God, He causes all things to work together for the good."

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